Precast Walls and Foundations


Manufactured wall heights include   4’2”,6’2”, 7’11-1/2”,  9’,and 10’.

Standard R-5 & 12” R-12.1 wall available.

Any of the above wall panel s may be used in different  combinations.

Types of corners that are available include, 45Deg.,90Deg., and  custom angles as well.

Wall panels are generally made up to 16’ lengths, to facilitate transportation and handling.

Window openings are framed with pressure treated  2” X lumber.

We have windows available for installation. The sizes available include, 16” H   X  32” W,  18” H X 32” W, 24” H X 32” W  tilt -in hopper with removable screen.

Door openings ranging from 2/8- 9/0 may be installed in these walls.

A 24” MINIMUM location on openings from corners.

A 4” MINIMUM  header on window openings.

Various sizes of  pre-cast  basement entry units available for delivery.

Many other building requirements may be installed into these walls.

Pre- Cast walls can be used in many building applications. Such as, basements, crawl spaces, frost footings and garages as well as other projects that have a need for concrete walls.

Using  Centermoreland concrete pre-Cast walls will save you delays due to adverse weather conditions, and you will receive a quality product.

Most installations can be completed in one day. Length of delivery time varies from 3-6 weeks.