•    Submit  detailed foundation print  include all rough opening sizes ,of  doors and windows. Placement   of  openings from corners. Placement and   size  of beam or roll on pockets . Detail  any thing  in the foundation  with  measurements regarding size and placement .Determine  soil type as outlined in  I.R.C. Table R 405.1 and load bearing value of soil as outlined in I.R.C. table     R 401.4.1 presumptive load bearing values of foundation materials.
  • A signed  contract  that lists the walls and openings required  for the detailed print  that was submitted. Remit a deposit that is outlined in your contract. Any  money lending institution involvement must be made prior to issuance of contract. We must receive  a signed  contract , before starting  any  work on Pre- cast walls.
  • After receiving your  deposit, signed contract  and detailed plans  ,we will send you shop drawings indicating  what we are going to build  for your project. Review these prints carefully as this is the way it will be constructed.  Sign this document  and send back to us.  This ensures that you get what you want. If any  changes need to be made to these drawings , note changes  on the print and send it back  to us for revisions . We will then send you the revised print for approval.
  • Send  us directions to your job site. Be sure that this route will allow  the use of heavy equipment.
  • At time of installation make certain that you meet all requirements as outlined in site preparation detail in brochure. We will meet on site ,when requested to inspect the site for potential  problems. We will issue you a site report to correct any problems .
  • On the day of installation balance of job must be paid in full ,at completion, unless previous arrangements have been made with Centermoreland Concrete .
  • At any time during the process if you have any questions feel free to contact your representative from Centermoreland concrete. We try to make the completion of your project go easier  by having a detailed plan in place.